SilverBullet Service

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Transform your aftersales department with this comprehensive tool

  • Dramatically increase total service bookings, online booking rate and service retention.
  • Sell more red and amber work with direct integration to your parts department.
  • Never miss an upsell. Intelligent remarketing helps you operate at optimum capacity.
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Our dynamic pricing tool incentivises bookings during your quiet periods as well as setting a price which reflects the demand for peak times.

This ensures you operate at optimum efficiency by driving bookings into quiet periods, and maximising margin during peak times. Best of all, it’s all automated, so you don’t need to worry about a thing.

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Directly communicate with your customer during inspection via SMS, email and the Storefront dashboard, saving time and improving performance of upsells.

Any recommendations which are approved by the customer will be automatically submitted to your parts department for collection by your technician. Everything is stored against this customer record as everything is done through the one tool.

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Collection of a vehicle is one of the few opportunities to engage with your customer and make a positive impact on their experience.

So, make it a seamless and memorable one with digital signatures, email confirmations, and payment requests through our online payment processor - all powered by Storefront Service