Benefits & Features

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Current Features

All our years of automotive and digital experience, coupled with years of testing and refining to give you a world-class ecommerce platform.

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LIVE Screen Share

Full screen sharing integration capabilities to allow a customer and the dealer to interact directly during the automotive e-commerce purchase journey.

24/7 Ecommerce

Linking your digital forecourt to your physical forecourt with a seamless e-commerce journey from a location that suits the customer.

Finance Integration

Full finance lender integration to allow customers to experience flexible live deal building to tailor a bespoke finance package to match their needs and budget.

Vehicle Valuation

Integration with multiple valuation sources to allow full transparency on a vehicle's valuation during the online purchase journey.

Online Payment

The ability to take partial deposit or the full transactional balance with fully integrated online payments including Apple Pay and Google Pay.

Live Deal Amend

Tailor the deal with your customer live online with our deal amend capabilities.

Subscription Based

At SilverBullet we work to a subscription model making integrating with your website simple and cost effective with a high proportion or the fee being based on transactional success.

Care Packages

You bespoke the care package suite that suits your business. With these custom built packages and upsell opportunities we can give you extensive support to ensure the sale and customer journey is seamless.

Delivery Manager

Schedule and automate the transactional flow to allow your customer to take delivery of their new car at a time that suits them and your business.

Stock Locator

Why not help a customer with their next ecommerce by sending them a digital link to complete their online transaction at a time that meets their busy lifestyle? Make it easy for your team to locate that ideal car for a customer and start off on their transaction journey in 1 click.

E Sig Order Form

Allow customers to directly create and sign the order form of their deal within the Storefront environment.

Future Features

Your competitors aren’t standing still, and neither are we. Industry insights and testing drive our innovation and new product features.

Rate for Risk Integration

Ability to streamline the sales process with a more clearly defined rate for risk model at the front end of the SilverBullet journey to offer a more advanced lead enrichment.

Aftersales Storefront

Helping the online capabilities of Storefront be positioned within the aftersales environment with a full functioning costing integration, payment and booking planner.

Customer Ownership App

An end-to-end customer ownership app to help the consumer operate in a digital marketing and communication environment with the retailer whether at the point of vehicle purchase or retention or whether during the aftersales ownership journey.

Storefront Kiosk

Linking your digital forecourt to your physical forecourt with a seamless e-commerce journey from a location that suits the customer.