Webinar - Automotive Management Live with SilverBullet

7 April 2021

In this recent webinar with Automotive Management Live, Peter Vardy, CEO Peter Vardy Ltd and, Cameron Wade, Managing Director SilverBullet, discuss the successes and challenges of automotive retail operations during the Covid-19 pandemic. In addition, the discussion focusses on the opportunities retailers have to embrace digital retailing with recommendations on having great eCommerce functionality, operating procedures and processes.

Consider how the customer journey has changed in such a short space of time. Rather than merely browsing cars online, customers are now searching directly to sell my car online, cars for sale online, car selling websites and cars for delivery online. It's almost as if the accepted digital journey of pre-2020 has become outdated overnight and retailer websites which lack eCommerce functionality could miss the opportunity. 

Other well-funded technology platforms have come into the market, either with experience in classified listings in other industries and are taking proprietary inventory to market; examples include Cinch and Cazoo, fronted by Alex Chesterman. As it's part-and-parcel of the digital buying process, Cazoo reviews and social proofing will be a huge contributor to conversion rates and online performance and SilverBullet discusses the importance of the customer journey in detail in this video. 

SilverBullet - Rather than merely browsing cars online, customers search directly to sell my car online, cars for sale online, car selling websites and cars for delivery online

As we come out of the national lockdown restrictions, it's important that retailers continue to rethink how to target the in-market customer searching to perform (atleast elements of) the car buying process online from value my car and car valuations, to searching for the best finance option eg bmw financing together or black horse car finance together with offering digital delivery or retail click & collect services.

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