The Importance of Commitment

23 July 2019

Digital Marketing Update

The Importance of Commitment

Having a joined-up marketing approach in deploying the SilverBullet platform will ensure the platform has the biggest chance of success for your business:

As we stated above, it’s about doing a hundred things one percent better. Taking the Peter Vardy Group as an example, the company deployed coherent top-of-the funnel marketing campaigns together with increasing the prominence of the CTAs.

A new SilverBullet creative -‘Click & Collect’ rolled out across used car campaigns

SilverBullet 'Click & Collect' Creative


‘Click & Collect’ Ad copy for used car campaigns

Email Marketing

Addition of ‘Click & Collect’ campaign to email used car campaigns

Click & Collect Email Used Car Campaign

Social Media

‘Click & Collect’ Facebook awareness & traffic campaign

Facebook Campaign - click & collect. SilverBullet


Pop up explainer video tailored to your brand, see one of our team for more information

YouTube pop up explainer video for Click and Collect campaign on SilverBullet

Tangible reasons for taking on the advice

Increased enquiry levels benefiting from:

  • Improved F&I penetration
  • Improved Gross Profit
  • Time saved in showroom
  • Hidden cost savings

From the marketing perspective, top of funnel increase in visits helped improve conversion rates from the increased awareness & exposure.

If you would like to discuss digital marketing campaigns which will help bring your business tangible benefits, please contact a member of our specialist team today:

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