Six Essentials to eCommerce Success: Website 105

1 October 2020
Six Essentials to eCommerce Success: Website 105

With dealership visitors, you have the chance to qualify customers very early in the buying journey. For most dealerships this will be a way of life and will have been refined over the years – online however is very different.

With digital customers, you need to study the data in order to qualify them, give them the best experience and, ultimately, get the best conversion rates.

This process requires great balance and will have to be constantly monitored, reviewed and amended to suit market trends. At one extreme you might have a cash customer who has found the perfect car and is ready to buy and at the other end, you might have a customer with poor credit score who is undecided on what they want to purchase.

For small dealerships who don’t have the luxury of a well-staffed contact centre, the key here is training for the staff who will deal with online enquiries so they read the data before contacting the customer. Depending on your CRM/Enquiry Management software, you may be able to take the heavy lifting away from staff and categorise customers to allow for the correct conversation to happen immediately.

For larger dealers and groups, specialist teams dealing with prime and subprime customers is one way of dividing the leads that come into the business, although many may split this using prestige and non-prestige models.

Whichever way you think works for your business, you’ll want to use the data to best discover how to HELP that customer and give both you and them the best outcome:

Age – new drivers may need more help with the process of buying a car

Location – if the customer is wanting delivery or they will be travelling a large distance to purchase the car you may need to give them great trust signals or answer more questions about the specific car they are looking for.

Credit score – the higher the score the more options this customer will have for purchasing elsewhere. Different messaging may be needed to match customer expectations.

It really is worth the effort to be constantly analysing this data, refining your contact strategy and driving your conversion rates. Not only does it make your marketing efforts worthwhile, it will also help your staff to meet their goals/targets which will help your profit levels.

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