Six Essentials to eCommerce Success: Website 104

11 September 2020
Six Essentials to eCommerce Success: Website 104

Despite having great web design and using industry best practise, customers will need help navigating around your website. If you want to help guide them towards a purchase then some simple signposting can make the difference that elevates your conversion from average to world-class.

Here are three ways you can use signposting to help get customers to the right part of your website:



Even with the best marketing campaigns directing customers deep into your user journey, many will land on your homepage and need to navigate to the appropriate page(s). Between franchised dealerships, used car supermarkets and specialist independents, user journeys can be very different for customers ranging from:

  • Wanting to find out how much you can afford to borrow to buy a used car
  • Looking to browse the latest new car deals
  • Looking to drill down and find an exact model

Each business will be different, but knowing who is landing on your homepage, analysing where they navigate to on your site and helping them get to the correct place by signposting this earlier in the journey will be helpful for them.


Let customers know early what information they might need

If you are trying to guide a customer to apply for finance then it might be useful to tell them what information they will need e.g. their employers address or even that they might need their driving license to hand (depending on your lender and application process).

By giving customers this information early in the process you can save frustration later where they might just decide to exit your site and go elsewhere.


Multiple Calls to Action

Although we know that reducing the number of CTAs will help drive click through, it’s not always possible to reduce this to one CTA and so you will need to help customers decide where to go next.

If, for instance, you have a “Build your deal” button, you might want to consider telling people, very briefly, what you can do if you click through e.g. “Get finance pre-approval, add a part exchange and tailor the deal to suit YOU”.


To maximise the impact of signposting on your website it’s important to have a clear picture of how you want customers to navigate through your site and use the data to make sure this matches to where THEY want to end up. By aligning these two desires you will be able to extract the most value and best return for your business.

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