Six Essentials to eCommerce Success: Website 103

3 September 2020
Six Essentials to eCommerce Success: Website 103

Do you know much you are spending to get each visit to your website? With Google, Facebook and classifieds costs only going to increase in the future, it’s more important than ever to make sure you optimise the user journey.

You know your website better than anyone but there are many different user groups who will use your site and there will be many different entry paths from different marketing channels.

With the main goal of your website being to sell cars, you need to closely study how users flow through it and take out any obstacles that get in the way.

The two most effective ways of doing this are by studying analytics platform and through in-person or online user testing.

Tips for helping users:

  1. Be strict with CTAs and messages allowed on your website. Remove EVERYTHING that doesn’t NEED to be there. Fewer distractions mean your CTAs will be more prominent
  2. Consider if you need drop-down menus and what needs to be on them. These are an easy way for users to exit your desired conversion path which may mean you lose the sale

  3. Make sure your SEO content and landing pages prominently direct people into your desired user journey

  4. Ensure there are no dead ends on your site and EVERY page directs users back into your conversion funnel


Although you can see the results of changes through your analytics platform, the biggest and best-performing websites from across all industries will use live user testing.

There’s plenty of software options available, e.g. Userbrain, where you can set tasks for users and track how many clicks it takes them to complete the task.

By setting a task like “find our website via Google and try to reserve a Ford Focus that costs less than £250 per month” you can answer a lot of questions as to how real people are navigating your website and what aspects you need to fix.

By using some of these techniques you will help to ensure the BEST change of converting everyone that lands onto a sale.

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