Six Essentials to eCommerce Success: Website 102

26 August 2020
Six Essentials to eCommerce Success: Website 102

A phrase that we love to talk about but one that doesn’t always get followed through. If you want to graduate from good to great in the automotive world you need to set the bar high, really high.

If you are on the biggest websites in the world then you would not expect images to be missing. Imagine going to Facebook, Amazon or and the main article or product said “image coming soon”? This is very unlikely, and with new digital-only automotive retailers coming online, these are the standards that all retailers should aspire to.

To help make sure your images are the best they possibly can be, we’ve put together a short video with some tips and ideas.

Key areas:

  1. Consistency
  2. Cleanliness
  3. Composition

The same standards must be true of product descriptions. When adding a new vehicle to your website it is important to have this 100% accurate from the start, with features and descriptions being complete.

To sell a car online, visitors to your website must have a lot of trust that everything you show and say about a car is accurate. If there are any doubts then your visitor is unlikely to shop online with you and could easily go to a rival website.

With competition online stronger than ever, these high standards will compliment all the efforts that have gone in to making your website the best performing part of your business.

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