Six Essentials to eCommerce Success: Marketing 105

10 August 2020
Six Essentials to eCommerce Success: Marketing 105

Have your customers ever bought a car online before? The chances are their next purchase could be their first.

Thinking back to the earlier days of eCommerce, there were always lots of questions about every stage of the process from how to pay to how delivery works. Although most customers are now well accustomed to buying goods online, they might have questions about how buying a car works.

To keep customers moving forward in the buying process, short videos represent a great way to answer most of these questions before customers get a chance to think about them.

This is something that the SilverBullet team can help you with before you even go live with us – please speak to your Account Manager who can arrange for branded videos to be created to suit your business and processes.

In addition to walking your visitors through the system, there’s a chance that customers will come up with additional questions about shopping online with your business and there are two great ways to find these questions.

If you have free text search on your website then check out Google Analytics and see what people are searching for. Other than questions about your products, you might well find questions about how to buy from you or looking for trust signals like who the company is. The other option here, if you have been working SEO to get eCommerce traffic, is to use Google Webmaster Tools to see what question related keywords you’ve been getting traffic for. “How”, “what”, “where” etc are great filters for tapping into what consumers are searching for.

“If I buy a car online, do I have the same rights as buying in a showroom” might be something your customers are searching for online and could be worth answering in your videos or directly within the buying process.

As mentioned above, trust signals are another thing your customers could be looking for where video might help. Customer testimonials are one of the best ways to highlight not just how good your company is, but how slick your eCommerce buying experience is.

Key takeaways:

  1. Use Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools to find and answer questions your customers might have
  2. Use a video to walk customers through your eCommerce transaction process
  3. Collect customer testimonial videos to help build trust about buying a car online from your dealership
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