Six Essentials to eCommerce Success: Marketing 104

4 August 2020
Six Essentials to eCommerce Success: Marketing 104


It's not only new customers who are looking to the internet to make a fully online purchase of their next car, many of your existing customers will be too. Retention, which used to centre around getting customers back into the dealership (or at least getting them on the phone) has a new element to it.

Unless you have been selling fully online for a number of years it’s likely that your customer bought their last car from you via one of your showrooms. Without a robust communication and retention plan, those customers might well be browsing and buying online from one of your rivals.

How do you make sure they visit your site first?

  • Push out deals to make customers engage with your eCommerce offering. Where you might use VIP events to get customers into the showroom, mirror your offline offers or create enticing digital offers to get people back on and engaging with your eCommerce website.
  • Email! It might sound simple but it’s worth telling your wider database that you now have a full eCommerce system. Whether customers are staying out of shops because of a global pandemic or because they don’t like a face to face sales experience, there will be some who will be happy to start engaging with you online.
  • Call centres – these will still play a big part in the digital world. During the retention process, you can direct customers into the SilverBullet system (with agents using the SilverBullet Car Search tool) and have the customers start their online journey at the beginning of the eCommerce process.

Like most parts of the marketing mix, the keys to success are keeping it simple and making sure you are consistent with the messages and the process.

Next up, we’re looking at content to help your customers through the eCommerce journey…

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