Six Essentials to Automotive eCommerce Success: Marketing 101

21 July 2020

Getting your key sales message in front of consumers and capturing those who want to buy online.

As we can see from Google Trends, high-level searches for “cars for sale” have bounced back and are exceeding pre-Covid19 levels. This presents a great opportunity for those who can transact online to take advantage of consumer demand.

We have also seen reports from across the UK’s biggest classifieds sites (e.g. ) that traffic volumes are up and lead volumes are at record levels 

How can you take advantage of this for your dealership? With eCommerce bringing down the cost of sale and increasing profitability for every car sold you can turn up your marketing and capture these prospective buyers:

·         Increased PPC activity with key messages of “buy online”, “click and collect” and “home delivery”

·         AB testing of key messages across the different market sectors for your stock profile

·         SilverBullet integrations with your classified site partners: AutoTrader, heycar,, UsedCarsNI and HonestJohn

The key to success here is making consumers aware they can purchase online from your dealership and ensure you are not losing sales to new market entrants like Cazoo and Buyacar.

Next, we’ll look at how you turn those website visitors into leads…

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