Six Essentials to Automotive eCommerce Success: Website 101

17 August 2020
Six Essentials to Automotive eCommerce Success: Website 101

When designing and optimising your website it seems logical to build it for the users who will be visiting your site, but this isn’t always the case.

A combination of user testing and using your own analytics data will help to determine how your site should look, where you should put your call to actions and how you should design your navigation.

With mobile traffic now running at over 65% for most eCommerce websites, is your site designed to best take advantage of this traffic?

Many eCommerce sites from across a number of industries are still finding that although much of their traffic comes from mobile they are still not converting this traffic as well as desktop visitors.


Some tips to help you think mobile first:

  1. Make contacting you as easy as possible with clickable phone numbers and simple chat systems
  2. Design pages so that CTAs are within easy reach for today’s large mobile screens
  3. Swap your navbar for a hamburger menu
  4. Minimise file sizes and maximise speeds - is an easy tool to test your site
  5. Make application forms as clean as possible and break down into small sections
  6. Test on multiple devices to make sure no fields get blocked or hidden!
  7. If you need to display a lot of information, use collapsible sections to allow users to get to the information they need without scrolling through pages that are not relevant to them

When we already know that so many of your website visitors are browsing on their mobile, probably coming from Google, social media or from listing sites (where you have paid for the traffic!) some of these tips could mean the difference between increased sales and a positive ROI on marketing spend, or the customer going to your competitors for the same car and a better user experience.

SilverBullet was designed as a mobile-first experience as we are working hard on UX to make sure we help you convert every potential customer, whether on mobile, desktop or tablet.

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