Six Essentials to Automotive eCommerce Success: Marketing 103

28 July 2020
Six Essentials to Automotive eCommerce Success: Marketing 103

Competition for your customer’s attention is greater than ever and there are new websites and brands appearing every month that might tempt them with great SEO or marketing campaigns. AutoTrader might still be the biggest player, but heycar (who purchased HonestJohn) are hungry for the top spot and newcomers YesAuto (owned by giant Chinese automotive platform, Autohome) are hungry for success in the UK.

Things have moved on a bit since this was how you bought a car...

(things have moved on a bit since this was how you found a new car)


Where should you be?

Your dealership location(s), your stock profile and your pricing strategy will all determine which sites you should profile your stock on. Without trialling each of them it will be difficult tell which works best for you, but most classifieds platforms will give a free trial and it’s worth reviewing this regularly.

How do you squeeze out every lead?

Once you’ve got your core platforms running then you want to get customers as far through the buying process as you can quickly and with as few clicks as possible.

Where can you do this?

SilverBullet now has integrations with AutoTrader, heycar, Used Cars NI, Honest John, and with others in the pipeline. This means you can take advantage of the SilverBullet platform and the increased conversion and efficiencies, without customers ever needing to land on your site.

With a customer building their deal and applying for finance it means they stop shopping and commit to you faster and with less chance of going to a competitor.


Next up we're reminding you that it's not all about digital and how to make sure you use every channel available...

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