Six Essentials to Automotive eCommerce Success: Marketing 102

24 July 2020
Six Essentials to Automotive eCommerce Success: Marketing 102

The aim of your campaign is to sell more cars online, but how do you make sure your messaging and CTAs are giving you the best chance of success? Consistency is key!

We all know that testing and refining is what gives you results when it comes to conversion rate optimisation but it’s useful to have some best practice to get you started.

From our Marketing 101 post, you’ll already be running PPC, email, display ads and others which show your key message that helps your customers know they can buy online.

Buy Online

Click and Collect

Home Delivery

Build Your Deal

Once you’ve attracted the user onto your site then you have a lot more creative flexibility to help turn them from a browser into a buyer.


Decide on your goals and stick to them

It’s tempting to give website users lots of options and try to cover all bases, but deciding on your most important goal and pushing that will help you get the best results.

This is the case with CTAs where you might want to try and capture an email address, get a customer to call you or push them into the eCommerce journey. If you know eCommerce is more valuable and has a higher conversion then this is where you should focus.



Remind website visitors how good you are

If you’re worked hard to build your reputation then this is the time to remind people, just before you ask them to make a purchase.

For many businesses, you will have years’ worth of great online reviews and it’s good to place these close to your purchase CTA to help give confidence at just the right time.



Use a little bit of psychology, but not too much

We’re not advocating messing with your brand colour pallet, but it’s worth thinking about the science behind what different colours mean to website users and how this might affect clicks/conversion

There have been many studies on the effects of colour and the worlds biggest brands have taken advantage of this when building their brand identity.

The Logo Company infographic

For your website it’s worth testing whether the trust of blue, the excitement of red or the calming of green helps you achieve the best conversion rates.

Next, we’re going to look at how to streamline the customer journey to give the customer the best experience and reduce drop-off opportunities…

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