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11 October 2019

SilverBullet Welcomes The Hendy Group On-board

As SilverBullet welcomes its latest large retail business, The Hendy Group, on to its world-class eCommerce platform, the customer success team reflects on the intrinsic relationship between digital automation and human resource.

SilverBullet On-Boards The Hendy Group: Automotive Sales eCommerce Solutions

As eCommerce platforms continue to emerge and develop, so do customer expectations. Many retailers can relate to the plethora of challenges with choosing its preferred supplier list – Therefore, SilverBullet remains completely agnostic during the onboarding process; retailers tell us how they operate their business and we slot in as their partner.

In our opinion, retail businesses have enough on their plate already; the rise of omnichannel is forcing many of them to juggle demand across bricks-and-mortar and online touchpoints. Our philosophy as a provider is to function as a true extension of a retail group’s business operations.

Here’s how we accomplish this:

Day-To-Day Contact

Successful business-to-business and supply chain partnerships are still based on relationships and customer service. The technology might be the backbone and the origin of the partnership, but only customer success can ensure it reaches its full potential. Therefore, SilverBullet embeds itself in a business’ digital processes including lead management, digital marketing, data and business intelligence insights.

The Onboarding Process

The technology is agile, secure and scalable for retail groups of all sizes and it can accommodate each partner in the existing supply chain from website provider, stock feed publisher, valuation partner and finance proposal system. SilverBullet establishes a centralised platform for the client’s business which pulls various data points into one spot, giving them the ultimate in end-to-end retail solution.

KPI Measurement

With pressure coming from all sides currently in the industry, performance enhancement can be achieved by careful analysis of performance and data. SilverBullet prides itself on being the only eCommerce in the UK automotive industry which offers true business intelligence reporting with detailed session analysis, stock insights, part-exchange analysis together with customised key influencers; namely, why do certain stock segments sell quickly and with a high margin whereas others do not?

SilverBullet’s agile technology solution can help place retailers in a better position to meet today’s customer demands across every channel, complimented by its customer success team which can help enhance digital processes and data intelligence.

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