Product Spotlight: Guaranteed Valuations

6 August 2020
Product Spotlight: Guaranteed Valuations

“Dealer inventory levels were down YOY in July 2020, as supply struggles to keep pace with demand.”

With this recent news from eBay Motors Group’s July 2020: Market View, it has become more important than ever to secure good stock for your dealership. With the new car supply limited, demand running at high levels and more online purchase options available to customers, SilverBullet is determined to help keep customer part exchanges in your hands.

When building the system and speaking to dealerships, customers and valuation partners, we knew this was one of the keys to getting people to make a full car purchase online.

To help integrate with your dealership’s current best practise in this area, SilverBullet has partnered with the industries’ top valuation providers:



With customers now more informed than ever, and in many cases prepared to search online for the best deal on selling their old car, trust is of top priority.

Where customers might have been left disappointed by a high online valuation which then resulted in a much lower offer when they delivered the car, SilverBullet can build in advanced valuations which allow you to guarantee the customer’s part exchange offer.

Want to know more about how our guaranteed valuations work and how SilverBullet can help you convert more online visits into sales? Get in touch with the team today

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