Manufacturers to incentivise online selling?

25 November 2020
Manufacturers to incentivise online selling?

A few weeks ago, Suzuki GB announced they would be giving a bonus of up to £10,000 for franchised dealers who do the most to allow customers to purchase cars away from the showroom environment.

From the AM Online article, Dale Wyatt, Suzuki GB Managing Director said: “With the COVID support payment we wanted to reward those who had introduced those who had introduced things like live chat, click to buy or reserve a car in response to COVID, while giving a bit of an incentive to others to adapt as well to ensure we’re ready to perform in those areas on an ongoing basis.

“We want our dealers to be active on social media, to communicate with customers via video chat and to sign up to distance selling.”

This is a great bit of support from Suzuki but it also highlights how interested manufacturers are in encouraging dealerships to interact and transact with customers online.

Outside of the obvious key business metric, selling more vehicles, there will be an appeal from manufacturers that you can more easily monitor and audit dealer standards with a full online journey.

With that in mind, it’s likely that we will see more manufacturers encouraging their dealer partners to provide a better and more rounded service online. We would expect the following points to be important to manufacturers and therefore worthwhile of investment for your business:

  • UK wide delivery available
  • A full ecommerce experience (part exchange, finance, car packages, digital order form)
  • Video chat to allow customers to see the car or just talk to a company representative

Having been involved in discussions with a number of manufacturers, we would be happy to talk to you about how you are able to meet and exceed these future targets to help grow your business.

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