Joining up the buying journey

10 July 2020

It’s often talked about that car dealerships need to better connect their online and dealership offering and SilverBullet is helping to do this with the latest upgrade to the platform.

With our Car Search tool integrated with dealer stock systems, SilverBullet gives sales agents the ability to aid the customer further through the buying journey.

Agents can search your stock via the SilverBullet platform and share the link from there, complete with tracking to help you best attribute your marketing spend. Whether the customer arrives via a web chat or a phone call, the link can be sent or emailed to them.

For sales agents, finding the stock is simple with VRM lookup, make/model and branch search all available.


(sales agent view)

(sample email)

Rather than asking a customer to browse the website, or even linking them to a car, you can take them directly into the ecommerce sales journey with the desired car already attached.



The benefits from this addition to the SilverBullet platform are:

·         Higher conversion rates > customer is further through the buying journey

·         Reduced cost per sale > the platform is completing the sale rather than a sales agent

·         Less time in the showroom > full eCommerce sales

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