Make your communications work for the customer

8 December 2020
Make your communications work for the customer

Success in eCommerce is about more than just having the right technology and a sales process that suits your business, it’s about fitting in with customer expectations and giving them the convenience they desire from an online car purchase.

Although there are many reasons why a customer will choose to purchase online, rather than in the showroom, many want the convenience of shopping at a time that suits them and without the need to stand and talk to a salesperson. To help the customer achieve this level of convenience it’s important to monitor and adjust the level of communication that’s delivered to them.

At the beginning of the sales journey, it is useful if you enquire whether the customer would like mostly email, SMS or phone communications and stick as closely to this request as possible.

Automations are great and can do a more consistent job than staff in many cases, but when using methods such as ‘prompts and nags’ it’s important to be wary and listen to feedback on their effectiveness. Sending a customer an SMS message every 3 hours might get them to call you back, but it might be to tell you how unhappy they are!

As a method to alleviate customer frustrations with communications, it can be useful to draw out a timeline of the transaction from first contact to delivery/collection of their vehicle. This sets expectations what they needed to do (paperwork to sign or documents to send) and lets them know when your dealership might be looking to speak to them.

By knowing each customer, setting their expectations early and delivering on each of the points you will not only help the sales process to run smoothly but also maximise the all-important CSI scores.

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