Have your cake and eat it with facebook’s cloning strategy

19 July 2019

Digital Marketing Update

Have your cake and eat it with facebook’s cloning strategy.

If you aren’t deploying facebook’s tracking pixel as a key element of your marketing strategy, the likelihood is you’re not finding your true top-of-the-funnel advertising audience.

Let’s think about a basic digital advertising funnel:

A digital marketing and advertising funnel using facebook strategies. SIlverBullet.

If a customer arrives on to your website, navigates to a used car detail page but doesn’t enquire, you now have 2 choices

  • Remarket to these customers to get them to enquire
  • Create a custom audience and then clone them

If you feel that your saved custom audience is a bit thin, facebook will let you stipulate a matched accuracy percentile for cloning. If you are unsure which to choose, why not create three audiences and test them for a brief period.

This is now a tried and trusted way of finding your true digital advertising audience on facebook and will help achieve the following:

  • Advertise to the most relevant audience to your business
  • Prevent ad fatigue setting in too early

This will maximise efficiency, driving down the overall cost per conversion and the bottom of the funnel should supply the top.

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