Feature Spotlight: Lead Management

13 August 2020
Feature Spotlight: Lead Management

When we say we deliver “World-class digital solutions for a changing automotive industry” we’re not just referring to the platform that we built, we mean in every aspect of our business.

While great software is key, we also aim to be the best partner that we can be, whether you’re at the top of the AM100 or have a small independent dealership.

One of the ways we do this is by trying, wherever possible, to integrate with the other platforms that help you sell cars and keep your inventory in order.

Key to most automotive businesses is your lead management software and SilverBullet has spent a lot of time integrating with the main providers from across the industry:

Whether a customer has just placed a basic enquiry or has completed a full finance application and left a deposit, managing the next steps with that customer quickly is vital. By working in partnership with the above suppliers, SilverBullet will get that customer in front of your sales or admin staff instantly and allow the conversation to progress as if the customer had just walked into the dealership.

Is your business working with a different lead management provider? We would be happy to work with them and integrate their product with SilverBullet to help you sell more cars and increase operational efficiency.

If your current eCommerce platform doesn’t do this and you’d like a demonstration of how a world-class solution can benefit your business, please get in touch with us today.

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