Essentials to eCommerce Success 301

7 October 2020
Essentials to eCommerce Success 301

With future lockdowns being very likely, this section is more important than ever to ensure that your dealership can flourish, even if customers cannot get to your site.

There are three main aspects to why we are using communications technology here:

  • To build trust in the retailer
  • To build trust in the product
  • To give the customer the convenience they desire

At Silverbullet, we are constantly driving to push the boundaries in the tools that we offer so that we give customers the convenience they desire. With recent developments we now offer the following features that we think help:

  • Online payment (credit card, Google Pay or Apple Pay)
  • Live screen share and deal amend to allow customer service teams to help a customer build a deal
  • E Sign order forms to the deal to be completed online
  • Guaranteed valuation part exchange

On top of these services through SilverBullet, we think it is important to make ease of communication a cornerstone of your website and your business. During this Covid-19 period, we think you should be doubly prepared to make sure you can still sell cars even if you need to lock the doors of the showroom.

  • More than ever, make sure that stock descriptions are of the highest quality for listing on your own site and for sending to classifieds partners. If customers can’t get to or don’t want to visit sites, then it could be your one and only chance to impress them.
  • Increase resource to video/photo/prep of cars to make sure that all stock is ready to list online and be collected if we go into full lockdown and only limited staff can get onsite
  • Have tech available so that customers can video call you on the format that suits them e.g. WhatsApp, FaceTime or Facebook Messenger.

With very little overheads involved in the above, these points could make the difference between smashing Q4 sales targets or only coming close.

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