eCommerce in 2021 – how prepared are you?

26 January 2021

With the anniversary of the UK’s first lockdown fast approaching, and with many industries still adapting to cope with the difficult months ahead, we’ve been taking a look at this article published by Google and written by Ali Amarsy from Publicis Commerce.

Looking at what has developed in our own industry, this quote from the article sums up the situation almost perfectly:

“Huge shifts in consumer behaviour have left many businesses, often working in outdated systems and processes, faced with new challenges as they try to capture increased demand. In this dynamic market, end-to-end commerce management is no longer a nice-to-have. It’s essential. Much like how “digital strategy” has moved from the last slide in a pitch deck 10 years ago to being the foundation of everything we do today, commerce must now become a core competency for all businesses.”

Spike in interest for buying a car online (Google Trends)

(Spike in interest for buying a car online (Google Trends))

The article then goes on to look at how the consultants from Publicis Commerce build a high-level strategy for delivering eCommerce success to their clients, so we’ve taken a look at how this relates to the automotive sector and how Silverbullet can help your business by slotting into this process.

  1.     Break down silos and share data
  2.     Assess maturity and set measurable goals
  3.     Optimise on a loop

Assess maturity and set measurable goals

At SilverBullet, we work with businesses ranging from the largest AM100 groups down to boutique dealerships specialising in sports and supercars, and the circumstance and preparedness for engaging in a full eCommerce experience is very different across the spectrum.

Rather than just suggesting that everyone should add an eCommerce element to their website and hope for sales to come through, we will engage with stakeholders from across the business to help integrate best practise on how best to display stock, through to how to train staff on distance selling.

From account management through to our developers, we will work with your in-house team or agency to help structure your digital marketing efforts and make sure the integrations work with the flow of your customer journey.

Break down silos and share data

Aligning the needs of the CEO, dealer principles and eCommerce teams can be difficult, but by sharing all the relevant data bringing it back to our goal for customers (sell more cars for higher margins and reduced costs).

By working with our main point of contact (e.g. a Marketing Director) to collect all of the relevant information and data, we can help make sure that growth targets are set realistically and met on a consistent basis.

Optimise on a loop

With change happening at such a fast pace, sitting down once a year or once a quarter to assess the effectiveness of your website or campaigns is not enough.

Working in conjunction with clients and account managers we aim to provide the best MI to allow changes to be made quickly in order to optimise, increase website conversion and maximise margin.


if you would like to talk about these processes and how we help you profit from eCommerce then please get in touch and we would be happy to take you through our ways of working.


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