Driving your sales with SilverBullet Delivery Options

20 October 2020
Driving your sales with SilverBullet Delivery Options

With more customers joining the digital revolution in car sales, the location of your dealership is becoming less relevant. For those buying online for convenience or because of Covid-19, the ability to have their car delivered is becoming more important.

Having listened to customer feedback about how you want to configure your delivery options for customers, SilverBullet has released our Delivery Tool with full configurations to match your business needs.

Rather than just a simple £X per mile calculation, the SilverBullet Delivery Tool provides all the following features:

  • Configuration to allow free miles + paid miles (e.g. if you have free delivery for the first 20 miles)
  • Ability to add multiple delivery types e.g. driven or transport
  • Collecting a PX? You can configure a different pricing structure for that if you charge more/less


Overview of Delivery Fees in the Admin panel

Editing of a Delivery Fee in the Admin panel


Choosing your delivery method as a user


As with all enhancements to the SilverBullet platform, this one has been designed to be easily configured at the dealership side and simple for the customer to understand on the user side.

If you’d like a demo on the Delivery Tool or any other features of SilverBullet then please call 0333 123 1262 or email hello@silverbullet.co.uk

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