Boosting customer service with Live Deal Amends

30 October 2020
Boosting customer service with Live Deal Amends

When selling cars online, and potentially competing with every dealership in the UK, you need to bring your A-Game when it comes to customer service.

With every customer and every deal being different, SilverBullet has developed Live Deal Amends to give you back some of the control you have in a showroom environment and enable you to better serve customers.

For customers who might not be as digitally proficient, Live Deal Amends allows your sales executives/admins to help someone through the sales process. Via online chat or a phone call with the customer, you can help them by filling out missing parts of a finance application through to editing the information on their part exchange.

This type of assistance might make the difference between someone making their first online car purchase rather than going to their local showroom and into the hands of a competitor and will allow you to continue your excellent customer service online.

For those customers who have completed all the stages to build their own deal but are not quite ready to commit, SilverBullet allows a sales manager to step in and add incentives to the deal.

This discounting is flexible to suit how your dealership incentivises customers:

  • Increase in part-exchange value (% or £)
  • Discount to car selling price (% or £)
  • Discount in care package price (% or £)

Once added, this incentive will lock the deal so the customer can’t go back and make changes which might alter the profitability of the deal. Again, this will help customers have the best of both worlds when buying online, allowing them to feel like they are still getting a good deal while never leaving the house.

If you’d like a demo on the Live Deal Amends or any other features of SilverBullet then please call 0333 123 1262 or email

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