Are you Click and Collect ready?

9 June 2020
Are you Click and Collect ready?

With reports from many of the largest car retail groups that lead volumes are high for new and used cars, SilverBullet customers are seeing their highest-ever conversion rates on the platform.

Although physical showrooms are now open again (in England), many are predicting that customers will stay away and prefer to complete their entire purchase online. With this being the case it's more important than ever that customers are greeted with a full eCommerce experience when they visit your website.

With SilverBullet now allowing more than 38,000 vehicles to be sold fully online from over 365 dealerships, we are excited and looking forward to showing you our world-class solution for helping your business stay ahead of the competition.

Don't just take our word for it, in this interview for Auto Retail Network, Peter Vardy, CEO of Peter Vardy Limited, explains how SilverBullet has helped their business sell 35% of cars fully online.



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